Ladyburn 42 Year Old Single Malt

Ladyburn 42 Year Old Single Malt


The Ladyburn distillery operated from 1966 and was closed by 1975. Considering this sentence alone would not excite anybody who didn't know the back story to this incredibly rare whisky.

Grants and Sons operated the Ladyburn distillery mainly to support other whisky blends within the Glenfiddich and Belvenie ranges. However, over the decade it was in operation, a handful of 'official' single malt whiskies were bottled. This rare whisky is one of them.

Never to be repeated, with a limited release of 1150 bottles worldwide. This bottle is an exceptional addition for any true whisky collector.

  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV)


  • Distillery

    Ladyburn (no longer in operation) - run by Grants and Sons

  • Region of Origin

    Lowland, Scotland