Australian Whisky

"Whiskey is liquid sunshine." - George Bernard Shaw

Tasmania, Australia and Scotland are quite literally at the opposite ends of the earth but they have a thing or two in common - one being the perfect climate to make whisky. 

We would mostly remember 1992 for events such as the Olympics in Barcelona, Clinton becoming US President or maybe even Sister Act and Home Alone 2 hitting the big screens. But down on the Apple Isle, this realisation of Tasmania's suitability as a home for whisky-making was coming to life and the Lark Distillery was established.

Since 1992, several others have cottoned on and there are currently 22 distilleries in Tassie, including Sullivans Cove who recently were awarded the BEST single malt in the WORLD and Nant, another highly regarded distillery producing excellent whisky.

Whiskey might be liquid sunshine in the eyes of George Bernard Shaw but we're pretty sure Tasmanian Whisky is liquid gold. 

Not to be outdone, the 'mainland' of Australia is starting to catch on pretty quickly. There are some exciting things happening in WA, VIC and NSW, so stay posted for more information about quality home-grown product.

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